Coworking Space with Child Care

While you work, we'll care for your kid(s) in the next room. Call US 1-800-686-3590 1/2 Day Pass $40 or Full Day Pass $80

Cowork Parents

Passes: $40 1/2 day (4 hours) or $80 full day (8 hours)

Grand Opening Fall 2023

Coworking Space Amenities     

At Cowork Parents, we offer a unique solution for parents seeking a harmonious work-life balance. Our child-friendly coworking spaces provide a supportive environment where caring parents can pursue their career ambitions while actively participating in their children's growth and development. Experience the freedom to nurture your career and build lasting memories with your children, all under one roof.

Admission Passes

$40 1/2 day (4 hours)
$80 full day (8 hours)
Includes Cowork + Daycare. Cash or Card


Super Fast 100 Mbps


Community Seating


Monday — Friday
9am — 5pm


Lots of Free Parking


Color or B&W

Conference Room

High Tech



Popular Eateries

Lots of great places nearby to eat in the Baymeadows area.


Business Address

Event Space

Host Something
2 hours or less


Workshops & Classes


Wall or Mobile

75" Big Screen

Screen Mirror Your Computer for Demos

Web Shop

Full Web Services

Coworking and Day Care

Cool Community

Childcare Amenities     

We've partnered with Wicked Smart Kids LLC to provide exceptional childcare combined with early childhood education at an very affordable price. At this time we can only accept children 2 years of age and older. We are working to adapt our facility to younger children. Join the newsletter to receive updates.

Our care center is run by Ms. Lisa, the Center Director and an early childhood education specialist. Ms. Lisa spent 20+ years managing and training early childhood teachers at one of Florida's Premier Head Start Programs.

"Our center is full of interactive stations that engage a child's mind. Interactive learning happens when students take a hands-on approach to their subject matter. This form of pedagogy encourages creativity, focus, and allows for immediate feedback." -- Ms. Lisa

We emphasize interactive learning over passive learning. Passive learning relies on listening to teachers lecture or rote memorization of information, figures, or equations. Interactive learning sharpens critical thinking skills, which are fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning.


We encourage and help kids learn to read


Space dedicated to homework and homework help

Art Station

Creativity expands the mind


Computer science skills strengthens critical thinking skills


Silly fun

Movie Time

Educational material on the big screen


Drinks & Snacks


Stimulates brain areas for memory formation & complex thought


Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

Sand Play

Dry messy fun

Water Play

Wet messy fun

Dry Erase

Giant Whiteboard Wall

75" Big Screen

For educational purposes


Builds Physical & Motor Skills

Paper Wall

Draw on the Wall!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my infant or toddler to childcare?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We are not equipped to handle children under 2 years of age. However, we are working to change this. Join the newsletter to receive updates.

Can I drop my child(ren) off at daycare and leave the building?

Our childcare facility is for our coworking members. Under no circumstances can children be "dropped off". If you leave you must take your child(ren) with you.

Does my child(ren) have to be potty trained to attend?

No. Our staff will assist children in the restroom but parents are responsible for changing diapers.

Do I need to enroll or pre-register?

No, just show up and pay for your passes. Instant access to amenities and childcare.

Are all amenities included?

Everything listed above is included except for Web Services . If you need a web presence our industry experts will build your professional website, prototypes, and applications at significantly reduced prices. See our Web Shop.

Are the printers free to use?

You can use the printers for minimal printing. For big jobs we ask you to print off site.

Where are you located?


What days and hours are you open?

We are open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Do I have to pay extra to use the conference room?

No, the use of the conference room is included with your Pass. Please limit your time to 60 minutes or less so that others can use the space. On busy days we ask you to book a time.

Can I bring Clients in?

Yes, you can bring clients into the conference room for up to 1 hour (2 hours if no one needs the room). For more than 2 hours each person must buy a Day Pass.